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At Roccia SEO, we help you tell your story with our content writing services. No two project is the same and this is how we treat all projects we handle. We tell your story in such a way that even search engines would fall in love over and over again.

The moment search engines love your content, you will see it flying high in their heart (ranking pages). If you want us to help you create some love around your content, contact us for our Copywriting services.

Why You Need A Professional Copywriting Service Provider

Content marketing is known as one of the most practical, effective and result-driven marketing strategy in  the digital world. You can put your brand out there and reach more quality leads and customers. As your business continue to grow, or even if you are just starting you need to have a result-driven content marketing strategy.

Content marketing (Blog posts, website copy, email marketing, press release, social media posts) is not just important because it helps in cultivating customer loyalty, build trust, generate leads or achieve higher rankings on search engines, but because it is now the new normal for the consumer side. It effectively helps customers in knowing what they should expect from the type of brand they interact with.

The right content helps improve conversions because it allows you to connect and keep you leads and customers educated. As much as you are building trust and relationship, you will also be growing your conversion rate by giving consumers the type of information they need to make an educated purchase.

Copywriting Services: How They Can Help You Change The Game

  1. Drive Your Conversions On Turbo Speed: Companies who uses content marketing very well get 6 times more leads than their competitors who don’t focus on content marketing. Effective content strategy often involves investment of time, money, resources and it eventually brings in steady ROI which is more conversions and more sales.
  2. SEO Content Writing Brings In More Traffic: Content is kings as they say, and when you have the best content out there, you simply have the best king to dominate top rankings in your niche. Publishing posts that are engaging will definitely drive more traffic to your website over time. According to data from Hubspot, business that publishes more than 16 blog posts per month got over 3.5 times more traffic than those that published 4 or less.
  3. Grow Your Brand Awareness, Engage your target buyers: The truth is there are countless numbers of customers who are the best fit for your products, but they are yet to learn about your brand or what you do. When you create engaging and useful content that truly provides value for your potential buyers, you do more on those leads, by collecting their contact through discounts, offers or free downloads, or re-target them on Facebook, or Google. Building brand awareness is one of the key importance of content marketing.
  4. Your company can use quality content to educate your customers:  No better way to educate your customers while they are busy searching for answers. Your customers have a problem and you have the solution, your content marketing can help you present them with the solutions and answers. Always develop content around your customers’ problems and educate them on what they need to have their problems solved.
  5. Consistent Content Will Help You Build Trust With Your Audience: The more they read content provided by you, the more you are perceived as an industry expert. When you consistently help you clients find answers to their problems, you build trust over time and they know they can always reach out to you anytime.
  6. Good Content Writing Service Help You Build And Foster Strong Customer Relationship: By using a quality and professional SEO Content writing service like ours, you can encourage repeat business and turn customers into brand advocates. Content marketing is a great way to nurturing your present customer relationships. Consistent quality, engaging content can help you achieve this. Either through email marketing content or through blog posts, building and nurturing your customer relationship through content marketing is up to you!
  7. Be A Part of Your potential customers’ Buyer Journey: No single purchase happens without a journey. One of the most popular starting point is the “Problem, Challenge” point where they start searching and evaluating potential solutions. They can thereafter proceed to making purchase after you guiding them each step of the journey.
  8. Blog Posts Have Compounding Effect Over time: In digital marketing blog posts are powerful. According to Hubspot, blog posts generate as much as 38% of total traffic. Unlike other types of content marketing, blog posts generate traffic to your business continuously. To keep getting traffic through blog posts, you need to focus on evergreen topics. These are the type of topics that will remain relevant forever.
  9. Good SEO Content Writing Service Helps Your Customers Stick Longer: Every company has little time to engage consumers once they land on website. Hiring a top class SEO content writing service can prove a great decision as they can help you engage your consumers through quality content. The longer you want visitors to stay on your website, the more the quality and engaging content you would need to provide on your website. Through quality content you can educate your potential customers and help them understand your brand, your products/services and how you can help them solve their problems.
  10. An SEO Content Writing Service Provider Can Help Your Grow SEO Visiblilty: Search engines remain the number one place people start their “search” or product buying journey. They turn their trusting to get the best from the pack. Content marketing can help you claim top rankings on Google search, pull in traffic and lock leads to sales. The simple formula still works- More quality content equals higher rankings. One of the most effective ways to optimize your website for higher rankings is creating relevant, shareable, engaging and educating content. For instance, if someone searches for “How to fix a broken window?” on Google and they find a blog you’ve written with the same title, this will help bring this interested person to your site to learn more about their inquiry but also find out more about how your brand can help answer their questions and solve their challenges.
  11. Hiring A quality Content Writing Service Is Cost Effective: Of all forms of outbound marketing strategies, content marketing is the most cost effective. Hiring a quality content writing service provider is very important as they will help you create the type of content that will bring in traffic, leads, and sales over a long period of time beyond other types of marketing. Content marketing easy to get started with so you can reduce the amount money you need to get started with. According to Content Marketing Institute, content marketing costs about 62% less than outbound and it generates 3 times more leads and sales.
  12. Using our Copywriting Services For Creating Blog Posts Helps You Stay Ahead Of Competition: Over 53% marketers use blog posts as their pillar inbound marketing strategy. The reason is simple- Blog content attracts, engages and educates visitors and customers. To remain a step ahead of your competition, you need to focus on creating blog posts, e-books and infographics.
  13. Get More Touch Points With Our SEO Content Writing Service: We understand this principle and have used it to help numerous clients in their marketing. Every buyer has a point in their buyer’s journey and wise marketers strive to touch these points. When you make yourself available by providing content or any form of guide along these points, you grow your brand and lead them to your order button more effectively.
  14. Buyers Check Your Content Before Making Purchases: Most customers would not hit the buy button until they read one or two things about what you have to offer. In a report done in 2016 by Demand Gen, 47% of buyers view between 3-5 pieces of content before engaging a sales rep. You need to make the perfect first impression by using our content writing service to create quality content that will help your customers understand the best solution for their greatest challenges and how you are the best option to help them solve it.
  15. Our SEO Content Writing Service Helps you provide Value Without Any Strings Attached: This is really one of the most important values content marketing can help you with. Most times, clients know that when they are being marketed, their purse is the main target, but when you use content marketing effectively, you can simply provide answers, solutions or guide without any strings attached. By providing educative and interesting content without asking anything in return, you are increasing your chances of winning over clients who may not be ready to buy at the moment.
  16. Our SEO Content Writing Service Helps You Create Shareable Content: Word of mouth used to define the define customers sharing information with other people, but not Share is the new way. When people find your content to be very useful and informative that is likely to share it with others on social media or by simply forwarding it via mail.
  17. Our SEO Content Writing Services Works In Any Industry: Are you thinking that content marketing may not work in your industry? Effective content marketing works in any industry. The most important thing is finding the right topics and types of content that best your audience language.
  18. Our SEO Content Writing Service Give You More Social Media Traffic: Social media no doubt is a powerful way to reach out and engage new potential customers. You need to create more content for you to generate more social media traffic. The moment visitors can judge your content to be of high value, they will be compelled to follow your brand on social media and sometimes share your content as well.


How You Can Grow Your Business With Our Content Writing Services

Content writing services are not new, they have existed for decades, the only difference is that they are more relevant and important to business growth than any other time in human history. Since every business wants to wield the internet weapon to gain more exposure, build their brand, generate more traffic and close more sales, they are turning to content writing services for the solution.

A quality SEO content services provider tries to understand the client/reader perspective before starting any writing project, this helps in writing a master piece that can engage and convert effectively.

With thousands of business springing  out on Google each day, finding your place as a leader  can seem like an impossible task, but it’s actually not.

Copywriting services have long since proven their value, so much so that nearly every successful business has expanded its web reach by hiring an experienced team of writers.

Using A Copywriting Service: Good Or Bad Idea

Chances are, as a growing company, you’re going to have some workers on hand that are familiar with writing. Asking them to develop some content writing for your website can seem like a great idea, and it is if they know what they’re doing, but this isn’t always the case. When asking an inexperienced writer to a complex writing task such as content writing, things tend to get a little messy. The more edits a writer has to do, the more time they spent on a particular piece of content, resulting in wasted time. Professional content writers know what their clients need, and they don’t burn daylight before delivering it.

Copywriting Services Know About SEO

It’s alright, your employee has created a great content and it looks great, you love it. Your great in-house writer has done a good job for you, but may have done a horrible job  considering how your article will perform on Google or social media. Hiring a content writing expert is an investment decision that you need to consider if you want to get the best results from your content marketing.

A content writing company uses their knowledge in SEO to craft a great article that can fly on search engines. At RocciaSEO, we offer full core SEO and Content marketing. This means when we do content marketing, we fix all the SEO issues without thinking, when we do SEO, we infuse content where and when necessary. We help you tell your story, we rank your story and sell your products. So you can be sure you are hiring an agency that creates digital content that engages, ranks your digital content and ensure both are done in a way that converts.

Copywriting Services Will Help You Save Time:

Asking one or two of your staffs who might have some interest in writing may appear like a great idea, but you need to consider the trade-offs. If you are considering doing this yourself, you also need to check what you will bargain for this. Your time is very important and should only spent on areas where you can get the highest ROI which is other aspects of your business. You can spend hours trying to write an article, proofread it and yet get little or no result from it.

The difference might be your lack of expertise and technical knowledge in writing. Content writing goes beyond putting words together, it is a science and an art. Focus on your business and hire a competent writer to get you the much needed result. Professional content writers know what their clients need, and they don’t burn daylight before delivering it.