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Looking For Content Writers For Hire: Let Us Help You Find Your Content Solution

Who is the closest person to your business?  You! You also know your business best and can readily provide answers to questions about what your business does. However, not everyone can write effectively, even when they  know so much about the topic. Another challenge is knowing what your readers are looking for, knowing what they really want to hear.

Hiring a content writer is a good decision to make if you want to free up enough time for yourself, give the job to an expert and get the best from your content marketing solution. You will find our top quality but  affordable freelance writing services useful for your content needs. We have content writers for hire and you can get to start discussing your next project with us.

Want To Hire A Content Writer? Here is Why You Should Choose

  1. Bad Writing Make You Look Unprofessional: If your website copy, blog post or email newsletter is littered with bad grammar, typos and wrongly placed punctuation, you are sending a simple message to your potential client- “I do not care about you work, not even my business as you can see my website is a  big mess” If you couldn’t take out enough time to spell check, how will you take enough time to check all the little details of your client’s job! How are they suppose to trust you that you are excellence driven, or even deliver an average job at the least. You need to hire a content writer who cares about the reader, takes time to check all the little details and ensure your website has great copies that are evergreen.
  2. Quality Content That impresses: We take out time to ensure your copies are not only great, but highly exceptional. One question we ask ourselves is – Would I be impressed by this? Since 81% of shoppers would conduct online research before making big purchases, a serious business like yours need to hire content writers who can ultimately deliver.
  3. You Are So Close To Your Business, You May Stay Out Of Touch: More than often, we have come across experts or specialist who are so good that they find it hard to communicate with their customers in a simple and effective way. Your customers have no business understand the big grammars, technical terms and jargon! You need to hire a content writer who can find the right words that your customers understand. If you fail to communicate with them effectively, your competitor will.
  4. Hire A Content Writer To Save Your Time: Planning to take time out to write an article by yourself sounds pretty good, but you will soon find out you will not be able to do much. While you are busy trying to run your business, you will be left with little or no time to write content and this will be a big setback for your content marketing goals. This means losing out of potential customers. Creating an engaging, insightful, and error-free piece of copy requires some time and may be difficult to get through with. This is where a freelance writer comes in.
  5. We Get You Results: Of what use is a copy that fails to persuade?  A good copywriter is an expert in persuading with words. In a research by  Econsultancy, only 22% of businesses are satisfied with their rate of conversion. A good writer educates, persuades and help you create lots of loyal readers and convert them to leads. The main goal for publishing blog posts would be to get your readers to take actions; only a competent wordsmith can get help you achieve this.
  6. Get value For Money (You even get more) : We deliver and over deliver. Each job completed is a seed for our next relationship. This is how we work. We believe solving your problems now and exceeding your expectations will make you a loyal client, grow your business (so we grow as well) and you can refer us to your friends.

Content Writers For Hire : Go With The Best

Your content marketing success depends on the quality of writers you hire, and this is where we come in. We have a team a creative writers who can turn boring around. We can help you write your blog posts, newsletters, social media posts, case studies and other web content as well.

Give us a chance and you will stay with us forever!

How Do I hire A Content Writer

Here are some qualities you must check when searching content writers for hire:

  1. Go for the best, never settle for good. Writing quality is very important, make sure you find a quality writer.
  2. Top-quality writers are not cheap. Everything comes with a price, but high quality comes with higher prices. Do not be afraid to pay for quality, if you truly need one.
  3. Hire a content writer who understands or will try to understand your readers and blend this with SEO.
  4. Content marketing is beyond just writing, you need to find a writer that can compel people to take action.

Accordion Block: To Increase Content- Put in The Main Keyword – 1000 words target

Common questions People ask when looking to hire a writer.

  1. What does a content writer do? A content creator is always responsible for the content distributed on any media, in this case digital media. Most times, they try to target a group of audience and engage them to take actions.
  2. What is the role of a content writer:  A content writer will help you develop and create content for your product descriptions, digital media or print. To have a good understanding of the project, writer will communicate with client, conduct research and use potential interview sources.
  3. What is SEO In Content Writing: For proper understanding of what most SEO means in content writing. We need to look at the word “SEO”. SEO means Search Engine Optimization, and in content writing it means, optimizing a content for search engines.
  4. Do I really need to hire a content writer? If you want to save your time, give job to the expert, get the best results from your digital marketing, present your business as professional and be a step ahead your competition, you need to hire a content writer.
  5. How Do I Make My Blog SEO Friendly: Making your blog SEO friendly is quite simple but not all that easy. You must first conduct keyword research so you can know what your readers are looking for on Google. Once you know this, create your next blog post around a topic you got from keyword research.
  6. How much does SEO Content Cost: Quality content comes with high prices. At RocciaSEO, 1500 words article costs $50 and 3000 words costs $100.
  7. How Do I Find SEO Keyword Or Should I Hire A Content Writer For That? Finding the best keywords for your business is a very technical process. You will need an expert to help you handle this. You can hire a content writer to help you research the most important keywords for your business.