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Looking For Professional Copywriting Services? Here Is Your Best Chance At It

Professional copywriting services are experts in trained to help your do one one thing- SEll MORE. If you want to sell more of your products and services? You will definitely need a set of copies that would cut through your buyer’s mind and close the sales.  You want your prospective clients to always find you and easily understand who you are and what you have got to offer. A result driven professional copywriting service provider will help you compose content for all your marketing material to achieve one thing ultimately- Pull in more leads and close more sales.

14 Reasons Using Professional Copywriting Services Could Be Your Best Idea Yet

Here are some of the reason using professional copywriting services can be a great idea for you

1. You have More Time To Focus On Other Aspects Of Your Business

Your time is important and it should be spent on your greatest strength which might not be writing. One of the main reason why you may need a professional copywriter is to save your precious time and spend it on other areas of your business. Crafting engaging and compelling content on a regular basis requires a great deal of time and expertise, and hiring a copywriter may just be your easy way out. Expertly trained copywriters are able to write excellent copy quickly while still hitting the mark that you want every single time.

2. Professional Copywriting Services Will Help You Perfectly Capture Your Services

You know your business best, but might be unable to present it in a way that will win over the heart of your clients. A professional copywriter understands your business and will help you project your business as the best option to your clients using the power of persuasion.

A copywriter is not just the other writer, a copywriter is an expert who can help you capture your services. Copywriters are trained are versatile as they learn as much as they can about various industries.

4. Ride With The Trend

Most businesses miss out on trends and fail to utilize them in projecting their business. Hiring an expert copywriter can be very useful in this regards as they can help you project your business using trends. 

Creating engagements with your customers using trends has so much to say about your brand as well… You will be perceived as a company that keeps to date with things and innovative. 

You can give a copywriter the freedom to utilize the current trends to create excellent, fun content for your blogs and social media channels. This will help you boost your chances for viral content among your existing evergreen content.

4. With Professional Copywriting Services, Forget About Grammar Errors

Copywriters are not only wordsmiths they are excellent with grammar as well; this is how they make a living. You do not have to worry about grammar, spelling and punctuation. You always want to put your best foot out there, and your website should not be an exception.

Copywriters can be trusted with your content so they can help you with the best words that Google would love (SEO), your readers who love (engaging and inspiring), call your readers to take action (buy your products  or services)

5. If Persuasion Is Important, Professional Copywriting Services Are Needed

A copywriter is a sales trigger above all other qualities, and no sales really happen without a level of persuasion. When dealing with web copies, persuasive content is very important and not everyone can do this. A copywriter knows how to create a perfect blend of selling without sounding “salesy”, and educating without propaganda.

6. The Closer You Are, Sometimes The Less Objective You Become

You might you know your business best and you can convey the message to the client better, this sounds logical but we have seen clients run to us due to lack of sales despite spending heavily on traffic- Their copy has always been the culprit. When you are too close to your industry, your everyday language might be a jargon to your client.

The problem of being objective might arise as well while creating your content. When you hire  a professional copywriter, you will have someone who is in the middle, someone who understand what your client wants, they want it, how to get their attention and help you “sell” your business as well.

7. Professional Copywriting Services Are Experts In Crafting Different Content Formats

A copywriter is a copy expert, who can effectively help you explore as many content marketing channels as possible. While you may be stuck in putting all your content eggs in one basket- blog posts or web content, a copywriter can easily come up with multiple ideas such as infographics, videos, images that can help improve reader engagement on your blog or social media.

A creative copywriter can suggest to you new ways you can effectively promote your brand. You content can be broken into different formats, repurposing your content and getting it out to a broader audience.

Doing this, you will reach out to more a wider range of your audience, and give people the privilege of choosing the best content for them. You can look out for a copywriter with specialty in making content available in different formats.

9. It May Be News To You, It Is An Information To A Copywriter

 Google is a wonderful place when it comes to gaining visibility and boosting revenue, but the Big G keeps rolling out updates almost every day. The search engine, Google, tries to improve their user experience by making little and major updates to their algorithm and you might not even be aware of the little changes that can have huge impact on your business.

Whether it is the huge E.A.T update done in October, 2018 or the little tweaks that go on almost each week, a professional copywriter will know all these updates.  This way you can get relevant and up-to-date content SEO to improve your website visibility.

10. Avoid Duplicates by Getting Fresh and Action-Trigger Content

In Digital marketing, fresh content is very important, not only for your readers to keep getting relevant information from you, but for SEO as well. Hiring a copywriters can be a great relief in this area as the expert knows how to find you new and insightful content all the time for your web page, improving your readers retention and how Google sees your website in terms of content quality.

11. Boring Can Become A Bang, Ordinary Can Be Given Extra For Extraordinary

Over time, clients do ask us if their simple, uninteresting and seemingly boring idea or topic can become a sensation, our answer is not just always YES, the results has always proved positive. While they would hardly believe it is true, once they see what we can do, they get hooked with our professional copywriting services.

Most times, it is not the lack of interesting topics that confuse businesses, but the inability to spot them. A copywriter will easily see a potential sensational topic in the rubbles and quickly refine them to a rare gem.

12. Using Professional Copywriting Services Can Boost Your Organic Traffic and Close More Sales

Pay for ads or get organic traffic, which one sounds better to you? Your guess is as good as mine-Organic traffic. While it is still very important you spend on ads to improve your brand visibility and drive sales, your best customers would always come through organic search.

In fact, organic traffic can lead to quick sales, as well as helping you keep the clients you bring in. A professional copywriting service will help you create content for your social handles, blog posts, email marketing and PPC campaigns, bringing in traffic and boosting your business to the top in terms of customer retention and sales.

13. If you Want To Get Social Effectively, Get a Professional Copywriting Service

Social media has helped thousands of business launch, grow and scale their businesses. A copywriter will help you find the right words that fits your audience persona and effectively engage them. Hiring a professional copywriter can help you drive in more enquiries from your social media accounts and build social relevance and authority.

Common Questions People Ask While Looking For  A Professional Copywriting Service

1. What are typical payment terms for a Professional copywriting service?

Most writers charge a flat fee based on the project, some charge on per word basis ( 0.08 per word)while some charge on contract basis if the project will last for a long period of times. Some copywriters will require certain percentage as deposit before getting started with your project, with the balance due after your work is completed.

.If you are a long standing customer, the copywriter can remove some clauses like a percentage deposit and you can pay upon project completion.

2. Do  I need to pay a professional copywriting service any add-on charges?

Most times add-on charges are very rare among content writers. However, when they happen it might be due to change of scope, rush turnarounds, or change of focus. It is important to be sure that you have done your assignment at your end before telling a copywriter to get started. However, when the unexpected happens, be quick to communicate with your writer about any changes.

3. Can I reject A copy From A Professional Copywriting Service?

You have not hired a mind reader, so some little hick ups can happen. The most important thing is giving them as much information as necessary before the project is started. Once you receive your first draft, review it and provide an objective and constructive feedback. Let them know what you like and needs to be improved in the copy. You will need to keep repeating this process until you are satisfied.

4. Who is the owner of the copy I paid for?

The copy is yours and remains yours forever, if you pay for it. You can use it any way you like. You can even repurpose it and leverage on your initial investment.

5. How will do professional copywriting services generate the content needed

The key point here is research. A professional copywriter will use all available avenue to gather as much information as possible. It can start with a phone call, Skype or-in-person meeting for discussions or some documents about your products. Some copywriters would rely on data from survey, while other will head to popular forums like reddit to have a feel of what the people are saying about a product, industry, competition and all the likes.

6. Does a professional copywriting service include graphic design?

Copywriting and graphic design has two things in common, creativity and to some certain degrees, engagement, but the sad news is they require different skill sets. You will need to hire a graphic designer to help you handle your graphics so you can get the best.

7. Is it compulsory to Hire a professional copywriting service With Experience In My Industry?

A copywriter with previous experience in your field with help speed things up, but this should not be your key deciding factor. Ultimately, the most important thing is a copywriter who want to give you the best copy and invest all it takes. Having direct industry experience isn’t a necessity for most projects unless the subject matter is highly technical.

8. How Should I Choose A Professional Copywriting Service?

The best way is always a referral, but in the absence of this, you can search Google for “freelance copywriters” or copywriters in your areas or niche. Check for samples or look through their portfolio, this might be helpful in your decision making.

Start by looking at writing samples.  Most copywriters have an online portfolio or writing samples posted on their website.  Read through samples; don’t just look at the pretty graphics.  Determine if you like their writing style and are impressed with the quality of their work.

7 Factors Affecting Rates Of Professional Copywriting Services

Project Research: A good copywriter would always need some background information before embarking on any project. Some may choose to interview customers, review past marketing campaigns, research the industry, or review the competition. When a project requires a great deal of research, it would normally attract more fees.

At RocciaSEO, we spend most of our time on a project on the project research, we want to be sure we understand the market, the product and the consumer.

Project type: How complex a project is can be a determining factor in calculating the fees. A five-page brochure will cost less than a 50-page website, while an email can cost as much a pay-per-click campaign.

This is because even when an ad has about 25 characters to make a conversion, each word would require a great deal of time and research.

Specialization and demand: If a copywriter is in high demand, you may have to pay more to make the cut. Most times, you hardly come across copywriters who only deals with  a particular industry, but when you do find such you may need to pay more for their rare kind of specialization.

However, this is not a iron cast rule, copywriters are always versatile and they know a little about everything and will little research they will come up with something outstanding.

Strategic Planning: When you have a complex project, the copywriter will want to commit more time to meeting with other project team members, make surveys, gather enough data, check on forums and be clear enough about the project.

Deadline: If you need express delivery, then you would have to pay more because the copywriter will have to bring your job forward ahead of others, cut some schedules if necessary and focus on delivery your content as soon as possible. If your writer as to work during weekends or during an holiday, you may have to pay more.

Level Of Expertise: It is perfectly normal that if you want to hire a veteran, you must pay the unusual. For example, a million dollar product launch will definitely not require the same level of time and expertise that a blog post would require.