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You probably have written some awesome write-ups and have had people begging you for more, great love letters fill up your hunting-portfolio and killer texts litters your phone, so is there any reason you still need a copywriter?

Yes, you need a website copywriter to turn your online estate to a money factory!

A website copywriter is a specialist in writing high-quality and engaging text materials that helps in selling a product or service. Such texts are placed on blogs, website pages and other online platforms like the social media. A website copywriter basically guides people through a website telling what need to know and do.

How Can A Website Copywriter Add Value To My Website?

Many people ask this question and the wrong answer might prove fatal for their online business goals. You have got a great design, awesome UX and functionality, and you are thinking “why can’t I just put your own words on the website and get it done with?”.

This is a possible option, but a very wrong one. Design is important and user interface is crucial as well, but the right words on your website will help you maximize your investments and grow your business.

Most times, people associate copywriting with writing smart slogan or having to do with the advertising world alone. Copywriters can do much more than that, but they ultimately write to achieve one thing- influence a decision.

Copywriters are very good at educating, engaging, promoting and creating subtle urgency over time. A website copywriter can help you turn your website to a magnetic field of words that attract even the coldest prospect, warming them for action..

Here are 10 Reasons You Need A Website Copywriter

1. Website Copywriters Edit Excellently

Copywriters can help you drag out bad content from your website and help you craft new and fresh content to hook and engage your visitors pointing them to take action.This is the most un-patient generation and only websites with a sniper approach to its content and design will have more conversions.

If your awesomely designed website has content flaws, your visitors will have no time to forgive you, they are gone dancing around your competition. You need a competent website copywriter to help you get this right.

2. This is Your First Time Writing A Website Copy

Writing website copy is different.Unlike articles, letters reports or newsletters, you have little time to hook your impatient visitors. People read online copies differently and they only stay with websites that speak their language, grabs their attention without wasting their time. 

This is the generation of skimmers, people hardly read, they skip through content and this is why you need an expert website copywriter to help you hook them up all the way!

3. You Don’t Know The Right Tone To Use: A website Copywriter Is An Expert Here

Miss this and miss it all. If you fail in finding the right tone and voice in your website copy you will make a big mess of your business. You might be wondering if you should write in the past tense, or present tense. Should you sound very serious of soft? Hiring an expert website copywriter takes away this headache from you, you simply leave it to the expert.

4. You don’t Know Much About SEO? You Need A Website Copywriter

Why should you try sailing a boat if you know next to nothing about water tides? If you do not know much about S.E.O, forget doing your own website copy, hire a website copywriter. Integrating SEO into your copy strategy is very important, you can’t afford to get this wrong.

5. You Don’t know How To Bring Emotion

There is a difference between speaking and speaking with emotion. An expert website copywriter strives to connect with your audience through emotional appeals. As a solid content strategy demands that all required pieces be in place to accommodate the user experience, you will need an expert to pull through this for you effectively. A website copywriter’s goal is to promote your business.

6. You want to stay ahead of competition

Staying ahead of competition is a lot of work. You need to realize that your competitors are probably hiring the best and you need to go an extra mile to get ahead and stay ahead. Most companies dedicate a good percentage of their budget to digital marketing and this will definitely give them an edge in terms of ranking and their overall online penetration.

7. Website Copywriter Can Help You Boost Your Conversion

Driving traffic to your website is about half the journey, conversion is the last lap and often what many get wrong! Pulling in traffic from social media, Facebook ads and Google Adwords might  work out by following a simple guideline or template, but converting the traffic, compelling people to make a decision on the website is the most difficult.

A website copywriter helps you take good care of this so you have no need to worry. A professional copywriter understands how to pull emotions, give them value, sell your unique selling points and put your above the competition.

A Website Copywriter Helps You Propel Your Brand

A website copywriter understand the web. Copywriting for magazines and other media sometime could be different from that of the web because of many user behavior and dynamics. A visitor is in full control of the next content he or she can see, while on magazine or TV that is not the case.

On the web, a potential visitor can decide to close your site and open the next search result or go straight to a competitor website, this is why you need a power copy that simply keep people on your sight, develop trust and create some emotional connection with your brand or services.

In intelligent website copywriter will help you craft powerful, concise and compelling words that will grow your business and boost your ROI.