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Looking for a wordpress SEO consultant to help you rank your website top page of Google? is a leading wordpress seo consultant  with over 5 years experience in helping wordpress site owners grow their business. We are a result driven wordpress seo consultant as we help our clients unearth solutions that will push their website to the top of Google and keep staying there. If you need a reliable, affordable, and result driven wordpress seo expert, contact us and get started.

WordPress SEO Consultant: How We Help Our Clients Grow

  • On-page Optimization: Our ability to make your page a perfect fit for Google’s ranking requirements is second to none. We check all the necessary signals for proper on-page setup. Once we are able to get this right, we would have set a very solid foundation for your business to grow. Your website needs a perfect blend of the best keywords, UX, conversion optimization and various on-page signal optimization (Headers, Italics, Bold). Google uses the information on your website to calculate your expertise score which is part of the update done on 1st of August, 2018.
  • Off-Page Optimization (Authority Backlinks): Your wordpress website would need a good number of high authority backlinks to really rank for multiple keywords. Google has gone past the days of link numbers, the most important link metrics are 1. The popularity of the link pointing to your website. 2. The quality of the, 3. The trust score of the link and the power it carries as well. All these factors need to be considered to achieve top page rankings on Google. 
  • Anchor Text Ratio. Anchor texts help Google better understand the theme of a page being pointed to. It is usually normal to try and point all links using the most important anchor texts, if you fall into this, It will destroy  your website. You need a good balance for your anchor text to achieve penalty free top page rankings. Your website would need to depict big brands, whose link profile shows over 80% of their backlinks have their brand names as anchor text. 
  • Social Signals: Social signals are now more important than ever. Google uses this to measure relevancy. If a post gains good amount of social interaction, Google will see the post as the most relevant at that time. They rely on the fact that if people loved ans share such posts/pages, it means Google needs to pay attention to that.
  • Guest Posting: This is a very effective way to give your website the needed exposure and backlink acquisition as well. We can help you reach out to relevant and authority websites in your industry and secure a guest posting opportunity for your website.
  • Google Maps Optimization: If 

WordPress SEO Consultant: What We Help You Do

Google Maps Optimization

If you are a local business owner and you want to rank higher on Google Maps, you need to use all Google’s local search ranking factors which focuses on Google My Business, citations, (online directories), consistent NAP(business name, address, phone) and geo targeted landing pages for your city specific keywords.

We will help you get the exact type of keywords that people are searching for. The type of keywords that would help you gain traffic and sales for your business. With the right keywords and rock solid ranking, you can be sure of a total turn around for your business through our wordpress seo consultant services. Join our hundreds of clients who are ranking top of Google.

Wordress Speed Optimization

Site speed is now a significant ranking factor in 2019. Your website must be able to load up super fast as Google keeps tweaking their algorithm to give users the best experience. A perfect score would be around 1-2 seconds and 100% scores in both GTmetrix and Pingdom (the speed testing tools you should be using, NOT Google Page Speed Insights). We can help you fix all the dots and get your site loading up super fast.. This will help your wordpress site rank faster.

Landing Page Design

When the traffic start pouring in, you need a very good landing page to suck all the leads possible and keep you bounce rate as low as possible. Landing pages that keeps your visitors interacting with your website not only help you get leads and sales,it also help you secure and increase you ranking.

If this is important to you, let our team of wordpress seo consultants help you design you with your landing page design and SEO in general.

Why You Need A WordPress SEO Consultant

SEO is a simple, yet complicated journey. You need a wordpress SEO expert who can help you design a winning strategy for your business. We will help you with everything SEO for your wordpress site so you can start getting traffic from Google. As a leading wordpress seo expert, we are able to help you find an effective way to achieve your SEO goals.